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General Assembly Meeting on Saturday, Dec. 9, 2017 from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. in the JFKS Gym

Invitation and Agenda for Membership Meeting 2017
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The SC JFKS has a popular Cheerleading program. The girls in their blue and white outfits and their choreographies are amazing! They like to show their stuff, and with their peppy cheers, fancy moves, engaging smiles and, most importantly, school and club SPIRIT they are in great demand.


Cheering adds so much to any event – amazing the crowd with death-defying lifts, throws and pyramids, and inviting the audience to cheer and clap to the “Kennedy Beat”. It’s tons of fun. Come learn pom positions like the High V, Low V, Broken T, Bow and Arrow, Daggers and Touchdown. Also learn some cool dance moves and group stunts like Elevator, Liberty and Basket Toss.

Aktuelle Infos und Preise zum Cheerleading des SC JFKS
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Dates Season 2017-2018

Place:                                JFKS new gym

Cost:                                 € 250,- / school year 

Practise times:                 The Rubies (Peewees / YOB 2012-2006)

                                          Fri 4pm-6pm

                                          Sat 1pm-3pm


                                         The Gems (Junior AllGirl / YOB 2007-2001)

                                          Wed 6pm-7:30pm

                                          Sat 3pm-5pm

Registration Form for Cheerleading 2017-2018

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