Indoor & Outdoor Classes June 2020

Training and specific SIGN-UP plan:


All Tuesday children are welcome!
June 16 (Tue): 16:00-17:50 h  (with Philip + Kyra + Mallory + Ana)


Advanced Boys ONLY:
Tuesday, June 16 + 23, 2020, 16:00 - 17:50 Uhr
Training indoors with coach Phillip
Sports hall, section A

Hannah/Ante’s beginner girls and Ana/Kyra’s group ONLY:
June 17 (Wed): 16:00-17:50 h  (with Morin + Hannah)

Meeting/Pickup at the gate in gym clothes


Little boys (Linus) and Mallory’s Wed group ONLY!:

June 24 (Wed): 16:00-17:50 (with Linus + Morin)

Meeting/Pickup at the gate in gym clothes



All children are welcome -  provided there’s space! (First come first serve)
June 20 + 27 (Sats): from 9:30 -12:50 h (with Ante + Mallory)
3 consecutive groups/1 hour each
(10 gymnasts + 2 coaches per group)
Bring a mat or a towel!

Meet at the gate in gym clothes


LAST DAY OF TRAINING WILL BE JUNE, 23 (for Tuesday groups) AND JUNE, 24 (for Wednesday groups)!




Below you find the rules that need to be followed! The Ordnungsamt has been checking on theses rules repeatedly already.

Please note that:
    • Parents/ spectators are not allowed in the building
    • The coaches pick up the kids at the front gate at the ramp and walk together to the gym
    • 1,5 m distance has to be maintained at all times
    • Equipment has to be disinfected in between use
    • You can still bring your own mat for warm up if you want to
    • Keeping an attendance sheet is required


Rules for using the gym starting on June 8, 2020
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Map of sports field JFKS
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The SC JKFS has a popular Gymnastics program which offers children from complete beginners to advanced gymnasts the possibility to train two times a week directly on JFKS campus, using the modern and well equipped new gym.


Our classes are for boys and girls ranging from beginner to more advanced (up to US level 2). The children (7 years and older) are placed in small groups according to their age and skill level.


New Calendar is online!


You'll find more information about the JFKS Gymnastics Division here: