JFKS Elementary Students compete at the “Turnwettkämpfe der Berliner Schulen 2017"

7 -8 March 2017 — Congratulations to the 25 JFKS Gymnasts from elementary school. At the competition“Turnwettkämpfe der Berliner Schulen 2017” the five teams finished:



– 8th and 9th place (grades 1-3) of 14 school teams,


– 6th and 14th place (grades 4-6) of 18 girl teams, and


– 4th place (grades 4-6) of five boy teams altogether.



All gymnasts had to perform a compulsory routine on four events – horizontal bar, vault, floor, and balance beam for girls or parallel bars for boys.
They were excited to be part of this Berlin-wide sports event with close to 150 gymnasts participating from about 20 different elementary schools. The boys and girls  – beginners and advanced –  gave their best, and we are very proud of their achievements.
Thank you to the parents and coaches for their support and time!

B. Reinert on behalf of the


Gymnastics Division of the Sport-Club JFKS Berlin e.V.


Grades 1-3 (P3)

The two JFKS teams at the Schöneberg gym with their coaches Alice and Phillip (not in order): Francesca D., Mia F., Mathilda K., Cecilia P., Nelly R.,  Antonia F., Charlotte F., Leylena H., Lilia H., and Brooke L.  (Ida K. was sick).



Results P3
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Grades 4-6 (P4)

The three JFKS teams with their coaches Alice, Kirstin, and Phillip (not in order):


June B., Marla C., Chiara G., Helena K., Charlotte P., Kyla B., Linnea F., Wanda M., Mia S., Sara S., Emma P., Virginia P., Sam A., Patrick K., and Zevbijan S.



Results P4
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High School Gymnasts win Gold and Silver at “Jugend Trainiert für Olympia”

9 March 2017 — The High School Boy Team is the Berlin Champion of the gymnastics competition “Jugend Trainiert Für Olympia – Gerätturnen 2017 – WK IV”. The boy team is actually a mixed boy team with Ella, Cristina, Jonah, Finley and Konstantin, but as long as there are more boys than girls it’s considered a boy team.  The five seventh graders will represent the school at the German finals (Bundesfinale) in May. It’s a first time ever for a JFKS gymnastics team!

Another team of High School students (ages 13 and older) took parted in the all-around WK II of JTFO. The five girls finished second place in their category (out of three). Great job, girls!




All gymnasts did really well and showed great team spirit.



B. Reinert on behalf of the


Gymnastics Division of the Sport-Club JFKS Berlin e.V.



Congratulations to 1st place: Ella D., Cristina S., Jonah R., Finley R., Konstantin T., and accompanying coaches Ante and Phillip.



Results WK IV
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Congratulations to 2nd place: Hannah C., Hannah May S., Lina S., Marlene H., Michelle G., and coach Ante after the competition.


Results WK I-III
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