Tae Kwon Do

SC JFKS offers Tae Kwon Do - a sport characterized by its fast, high, and spinning kicks developed specifically for training and attaining proficiency at younger ages.


Not only does Tae Kwon Do teach you how to protect yourself but more importantly it contributes to overall physical and mental fitness, encouraging discipline, respect, politeness, and true pride.


Season 2020-2021

The Tae Kwon Do division practices twice a week in the gyms of the John-F.-Kennedy School. Once a year we try to organize a beginners tournament, and twice a year we have belt tests. Our coach is Grandmaster Chung, Sun Chai 8. Dan, a Korean Master. He is assisted by one or more rated instructors from his school.


The division welcomes newcomers at any time. There are two introductory trial lessons available. The total cost for the trial sessions is 10 EUR which will be returned to you if you register and become a member.


Practice times/2x week:

Wednesday (small gym)

16:00-17:30 : First group (ages 6-11)

17:30-19:00 : Second group (ages 11-99)

Saturday (big gym)

11:00-12:30 : First group (ages 6-11)

12:30-14:00 : Second group (ages 11-99)

Registration Form  + Data Protection

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Mathias Wilcke, Tae Kwon Do Division President: tkd.info.jfks@gmail.com