Frequently Asked Questions

How can I or my child become a member of SC JFKS Berlin e.V.?

First, please contact the person in charge of the sports division you would like to join (see the menu of this website) and inquire about conditions for joining, e.g. tryout dates or available spots. In some cases you might be put on a waiting list. Note: you do not have to be a JFKS student to join the Sport-Club. Once you have secured your spot, you need to become a member and fill out a registration form. Next, either send the form to the sports office or return it to a coach or board member. The membership fee (each division has a different membership fee) will be deducted by direct debit from your account.

Do I have to cancel the membership at the end of the school year?

The membership automatically ends by July 31 (for all divisions) and there is no need to send a notice of termination. If you or your child wants to continue with the sports activity after the summer break, you need to renew your membership and re-register for the new school year. It is also possible to be a member of several divisions at once, e.g. play soccer and baseball in the same year, but you need to pay membership fees for both divisions.

How are members of SC JFKS Berlin e.V. insured?

The SC JFKS has an insurance policy through the Landessportbund Berlin for all members (children, coaches, volunteers) which covers them during practice and sports events.

What are my duties as member?

You are asked to attend your division's General Assembly once a year. For detailed info, please refer to the Bylaws of the SC JFKS Berlin e.V.